Into the Woods

Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by James Lapine

14th - 18th November 2023

Cheltenham Playhouse


Stage Director:
Greg Aston

Musical Directors:
Lucy Poole & Ellen Garbutt


Narrator/Mysterious Man – Christopher Tilbury

Cinderella – Becks Grant-Jones

Jack – Cree Henson

Jack's Mother  – Anne Martin

The Baker – Tom Mullins

The Baker's Wife – Lucy Poole

Little Red Riding Hood – Daisy Theobald

Cinderella's Prince / The Wolf – Greg Aston

The Witch – Vickie Long

Florinda – Shannon Willetts

Lucinda – Caitlin Gallagher

Rapunzel/Stepmother/Cinderella's Mother – Ellen Garbutt

Rapunzel's Prince – Robbie Gardner

The Giant/Grandmother – Sim Small

The Steward – Samuel J Taunton

James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone's favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant, piece... and a rare modern classic. The Tony Award-winning book and score are both enchanting and touching.

Follow the topsy-turvy journeys of familiar fairytale figures who seek to fulfil their deepest wishes: the Baker and his Wife, who are longing to have a child; Cinderella, who yearns to go to the ball; and Jack, who needs his cow Milky-White to produce some milk. Within the magical forest, we also encounter Little Red, a seductive Wolf, Rapunzel, a couple of Princes, a Witch (naturally), and more!

Into the Woods boldly moves beyond the anticipated happily-ever-after endings of these storybook characters, daring to explore the aftermath of “getting what you want.” What would you wish for? And if that wish was granted, what consequences would you be willing to accept in return?


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