Cox & Box / HMS Pinafore

By Gilbert & Sullivan

9th to 13th June 2015

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director: Gill Cogzell (HMS Pinafore), David Manifold (Cox & Box)
Musical Director: David Manifold


Cox & Box

Cox - Rob Barton-Ancliffe
Box - Samuel Taunton
Bouncer - Brian Crosby

HMS Pinafore

Sir Joseph Porter - Anthony Jones
Captain Corcoran - David Roberts
Ralph Rackstraw - Mike Ferris
Dick Deadeye - Paul Scott
Bill Bobstay (Bosun) - Malcolm Webb
Bob Becket (Carpenter's Mate)
    - Philip Wenham
Josephine - Cathy Keating
Little Buttercup - Hannah Boydell
Cousin Hebe - Rachel Prudden



Sarah Aston
Sarah Eliot
Jeanie Flint
Fiona Gordon-Smith
Penny Lewis
Molly Masters
Maggie Preston
Pat Schofield
Jo Scriven
Tara Turner


Dai Barker
Robert Barton-Ancliffe
Brian Crosby
Alan Flint
Duncan Hooper
Paul Murphy
Richard Schofield
Samuel Taunton


'Cox & Box' was a collaboration between F.C. Burnard, editor of Punch magazine, and Sir Arthur Sullivan. It's a fast moving one act story of two men renting the same room from the rascally landlord Bouncer. Cox works by day and Box by night, so Bouncer gets double rent for his single room until Cox, having a day off, confronts Box! In the ensuing mayhem, the two tenants learn they've much more in common than simply sharing a room.....

After this heady excitement, we take you off to sea with a traditional setting of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'H.M.S. Pinafore' where Captain Corcoran's daughter, Josephine, falls in love with lowly able seaman Ralph, despite her father's wishes that she marry the First Sea Lord, Sir Joseph Porter. But surely true love must triumph over rank and station?!


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