Strike Up The Band

Book by George S. Kaufman
Music and Lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin

21st to 29th November 2014

The Playhouse, Cheltenham


Stage Director: Mavis Boulton
Musical Director: Sue Black


Horace J. Fletcher - David Roberts
Joan Fletcher - Rachel Prudden
Jim Townsend - Paul Scott
Mrs. Draper - Lesley Hendrie
Anne Draper - Sarah Aston
Timothy Harper - Jack Overington
Colonel Holmes - David Manifold
C. Edgar Sloane - Malcolm Webb
George Spelvin - Samuel Taunton



Helen Alderton
Bronwen Carless
Tessa Champion
Lisa Crowhurst
Sarah Eliot
Jeanie Flint
Penny Lewis
Liz Nixon
Maggie Preston
Kirsten Schofield
Pat Schofield
Jo Scriven
Sheryl Walpole
Polly Webb-Hale


Dai Barker
Alan Flint
Richard Schofield
Fred Symes


All is farcical in love and war when Horace J Fletcher (of Fletcher’s American Cheese Co) convinces the US Government to declare war on Switzerland for protesting against a tax on imported cheese. Throw in two pairs of star-crossed lovers, an overbearing mother, corrupt officials, and a man who seems to have stepped out of a Marx Brothers movie, and you have a side-slitting romp that takes a satirical swipe at almost every American institution there ever was.

The Gershwins take on Gilbert & Sullivan at their own game in this hilarious musical comedy whose magnificent score includes The Man I Love and the title number.


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