The Mikado

By Gilbert and Sullivan

20th May to 24th May 2014

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director: Margaret Craven
Musical Director: David Manifold


The Mikado - Brian Crosby
Nanki-Poo - Samuel Taunton
Ko-Ko - Paul Scott
Pooh-Bah - Anthony Jones
Pish-Tush - Paul Chesworth
Yum-Yum - Cathy Keating
Pitti-Sing - Olivia Sheldon
Peep-Bo - Rachel Prudden
Katisha - Hannah Boydell



Monica Lloyd
Jo Scriven
Helen Alderton
Fiona Randell
Sarah Aston
Fiona Hale
Sue Pawley
Maggie Preston
Deirdre Kincaid
Amy Jarrett
Sarah Eliot
Sheila Ham
Pat Amphlett
Jeannie Flint


Ken Shaw
John Larmour
Richard Schofield
Paul Murphy
Dai Barker
Fred Symes
Robert Barton-Ancliffe
Philip Wenham
Malcolm Webb
David Roberts
Alan Flint


What does a love affair between a Wandering Minstrel and a Ward of the Public Executioner, an older woman out for revenge, a haughty 'know all', and the Emperor of Japan have in common? You might well ask, but then this is the Topsy Turvey world of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'The Mikado'.

Written in 1885, The Mikado is packed with toe tapping tunes that were the 'pop' songs of their day, and combined with wonderfully witty dialogue this is a show which provides good fun and all round entertainment.

Chosen by the Cotswold Savoyards to mark their 100th production and given a more modern twist without losing any of the original Savoy splendour, this is one for all the family to enjoy.


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