By Gilbert and Sullivan

4th to 8th June 2013

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director: Simon Moss
Musical Director: David Manifold


Sir Despard Murgatroyd - Anthony Jones
Hannah Trusty - Rebecca Fearnley
Zorah Partlett - Olivia Sheldon
Ruth Tredgett - Meriel Bartlett
Rose Maybud - Caroline Price
Robin Oakapple / Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd -
     Paul Chesworth
Adam Goodheart / Gideon Crawle -
     Paul Thompson
Richard Dauntless - Samuel Taunton
Margaret Mackintosh - Elizabeth Gravestock
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - Geoff Ramshaw


Storyteller - Simon Moss
Alice Brown - Sheila Ham

The Evil Crew

Clayton Hooper - Duncan Hooper
Baines Carew - Fred Symes
Paley Vollaire - Jason Ford
Sir Barnaby Bampton Boo -
    Robert Barton Ancliffe
Sir Blennerhasset Portico - Phil Wenham
Thomas Winterbottom Hance - Dai Barker
Pattison Corby Torbay - Ken Shaw

The Villagers

Nat Solly - Malcolm Webb
PC Peter Forth - Alan Flint
The Reverend Hopley Porter - John Pringle
Tommy Morell - Ralph Barnes
Delia Spiff - Jo Scriven
Sarah Bligh - Pat Schofield
Em Bligh - Philippa Gammond
Annie Protheroe Susan Pawley
Mary Morell - Mary Rose
Henry readbrow Richard Schofield
Bob Polter - Kester Rose
Bernard Jupp - John Larmour

The Bridesmaids

Calamity Pop - Sarah Lowe
Jane Northcott - Jeannie Flint
Minnie Symperson Liz Nixon
Amelia Nell - Sheila Ham
Volatile Nell - Sarah Eliot
Ann Pond - Sheryl Walpole
Milly Plow - Carla Spencer

Bailey Pip - Phil Wenham
Jellybag - Mary Rose
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd - Richard Schofield
Joe Golightly - Robert Barton Ancliffe
William Lee - Jason Ford
Patty Parker - Sarah Eliot

The Ghosts

Sir Rupert Murgatroyd - Richard Schofield
Sir Lionel Murgatroyd - Jason Ford
Sir Mervyn Murgatroyd - Phil Wenham
Lady Leonora Murgatroyd - Mary Rose
Lady Diana Murgatroyd - Jo Scriven
Sir Jaer Murgatroyd - Dai Barker
Sir Conrad Murgatroyd - Fred Symes
Lady Belinda Murgatroyd - Pat Schofield
Sir Gilbert Murgatroyd - Ken Shaw
Sir Desmond Murgatroyd - Malcolm Webb
Sir Dudley Murgatroyd - Kester Rose
Sir Gerard Murgatroyd - Alan Flint
Lady Matilda Murgatroyd - Susan Pawley
Lady Caroline Murgatroyd - Philippa Gammond
Sir Bulstrode Murgatroyd - John Pringle
Sir Cheviot Murgatroyd - Ralph Barnes
Sir Henry Murgatroyd - John Larmour
Sir Capel Murgatroyd - Robert Barton Ancliffe

Young Roderic - Fred Symes
Young Hannah - Sheryl Walpole


The bat in the moonlight flies! it is nearly midnight in the sleepy Cornish fishing village of Rederring and the evil Sir Despard, bad baronet of Ruddygore, desperately seeks a victim, so that he can commit his daily crime. Gilbert and Sullivan's spookiest show, Ruddygore, is a hilarious send-up of a Victorian melodrama, and is presented by the Cotswold Savoyards in a brand new production, including some music cut soon after the 1887 opening and not heard in Cheltenham before.

Created by the same directorial team that brought you the NODA award winning Pirates of Penzance at the Everyman in 2011, this Ruddygore will be full of crazy new twists, while respecting tradition.

Expect scary effects, stunning musical sequences, madcap characters and a puppet show!!


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