or, Bunthorne's Bride

By Gilbert and Sullivan

27th November to 1st December 2012

Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director: Keith and Sally Swinford
Musical Director: David Manifold


Patience - Rachel Prudden  
Archibald Grosvenor - Paul Scott
Reginald Bunthorne - Tony Jones
Lady Angela - Olivia Sheldon
Lady Jane - Bronwen Carless
Lady Saphir - Lucy Wordsworth
Lady Ella - Fiona Hale
Duke of Dunstable- Samuel Taunton
Colonel Calverley- David Roberts
Major Murgatroyd - Robert Barton-Ancliffe



Abbi Shurmer
Lisa Capener
Monica Lloyd
Rosemary Evans
Samantha Halstead
Sarah Evans
Tessa Champion
Pat Schofield
Sheryl Walpole


Dai Barker
Jo Scriven
John Larmour
Richard Schofield
Sarah Eliot
Dougie Brinlow
Malcolm Webb
Rod Davis


A year ago all the girls from the local art college were engaged to the men from the TA. Now, however, the girls have all fallen in love with Bunthorne, a poet.?Unfortunately, Bunthorne loves Patience, a local milk float driver, even though Patience has no feelings for him. In fact Patience cannot see why all the girls are so madly in love with Bunthorne anyway, until Lady Angela explains that to really love someone has to be an unselfish act.

Patience suddenly finds herself face to face with Grosvenor, a street poet and old flame, and the only male that she has ever had any feelings for. She realises that to love him now would be selfish, so immediately agrees to marry Bunthorne, as that would be selfless.?The soldiers think that things will now go back to normal, only to find that the girls have made Grosvenor the object of their affections.

Who will end up with who?


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