Titanic, the Musical

Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston
Book by Peter Stone

17th to 21st April 2012

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director: Paul Scott
Musical Director: Allan Gillespie


Caroline Neville - Caroline Price
Charles Clarke - Samuel Taunton
Alice Bean - Sarah Dyer
Edgar Bean - David Roberts
Kate McGowan - Hannah Bennett
Kate Mullins - Hannah Field
Kate Murphy - Rachel Prudden
Jim Farrell - Murray Spear
Frederick  Barrett - James Blofield
Harold Bride - Ralph Barnes
Frederick Fleet - Simon Lewis
Wallace Hartley - Paul Scott
William Murdoch - Michael Ferris
Captain E J Smith - Richard Schofield
J Bruce Ismay - Paul Chesworth
Thomas Andrews - David Singer
Henry Etches - Simon Moss
Isador Straus - Rod Davis
Ida Straus - Ann Cox



Fiona Hale
Claire Townsend
Monica Lloyd
Faye Machin
Kirsten Schofield
Lesley Hendrie
Sheryl Walpole
Sheila Ham
Pat Schofield
Sarah Eliot
Helen Hooper
Mavis Boulton
Jo Scriven
Deidre Kincaid
Margaret Craven


Geoff Hudson
Ken Shaw
Ralph Goodrich
Dai Barker
Malcolm Webb
Duncan Hooper
Phil Wenham
John Pringle
Anthony Jones


On 10 April 1912, RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton on its maiden voyage to New York. The largest, most luxurious ship ever built, and deemed to be 'practically unsinkable', it carried over 2,200 passengers and crew, including some of the wealthiest and most influential people of the time. Four days into its journey, the Titanic struck an iceberg. Within three hours, the great ship had sunk beneath the waves and less than one third of those on board survived.

To commemorate the centenary of the sinking and the society's own 50th anniversary, The Cotswold Savoyards are proud to present the multi-Tony award winning musical TITANIC. Based on numerous actual characters aboard the great ship, this show focuses on their dreams, hopes and aspirations - as the story of the launching, the collision with the iceberg, and the sinking is played out against the background of the rigid class-distinctions of the Edwardian Age.

"The greatest American musical to have been written in 15 years. A score which soars. A masterpiece!" - Sheridan Morley, The Spectator


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