Utopia, Limited

by Gilbert & Sullivan

31st Oct to 5th Nov 2011

Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director - Deirdre Kincaid
Musical Director - Peter Meason


King Paramount - Tony Jones
Capt. Fitzbattleaxe - Mike Ferris
Scaphio - Richard Schofield
Phantis - Simon Moss
Tarara - Samuel Taunton
Lord Dramaleigh - Paul Scott
Mr Goldbury - Malcolm Webb
Sir Bailey Barre - Dai Barker
Capt. Corcoran - David Roberts
Calynx - Arthur Kincaid
Princess Zara - Caroline Price
Princess Nekaya - Rachel Prudden
Princess Kalyba - Libby Walklett
Lady Sophy - Joanne Manuel
Ms Blushington - Hannah Field
Phylla - Fiona Hale
Melene - Jo Scriven
First Life Guards - John Crosby, John Pringle



Fiona Hale
Sheila Ham
Monica Lloyd
Pat Schofield
Jo Scriven
Claire Townsend
Sheryl Walpole


Geoff Craven
John Crosby
Arthur Kincaid
John Larmour
John Pringle


When a British delegation is brought to the ex-Soviet republic of Utopia by Princess Zara to advise on the transition to capitalism, the sinister Wise Men fear the loss of their power over the hapless King Paramount. In any case, have the citizens really anything to gain by embracing English ways?

Gilbert's enduring satire on imperialism and corporate skulduggery is updated to the 1990s. The show also features a Public Exploder, a prim governess and her teenage royal charges, Life Guards in magnificent array, and some of Sullivan's loveliest music.


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