The Yeomen of the Guard

by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

18th to 22nd May 2010

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director - Duncan Hooper
                          assisted by Helen Hooper
Musical Director - Peter Meason


Lieutenant - David Johnson
Colonel Fairfax - Jonathan Dyer
Sergeant Meryll - Brian Crosby
Leonard Meryll - Simon Lewis
Jack Point - Paul Chesworth
Wilfred Shadbolt - Simon Moss
1st Yeoman - Richard Schofield
2nd Yeoman - David Roberts
Elsie Maynard - Jenny Webster
Phoebe Meryll - Caroline Price
Dame Carruthers - Roz Edwards
Kate - Fiona Hale



Ken Shaw
John Larmour
Michael Power
Kester Rose
Geoff Craven
Philip Wenham
Rod Davis
John Pringle


Jill Barnes
Sarah Lowe
Lucy Wordsworth
Lesley Hendrie
Rosemarie Evans
Faye Machin
Sam Halstead
Catherine Gambli
Alice Willman
Pat Manifold
Pat Schofield
Sheryl Walpole
Sarah Eliot
Mary Rose
Polly Rose


The Yeomen of the Guard is one of the best and most loved of all the Savoy operas - combining Sullivan's finest score with the great wit and ingenuity of Gilbert's plot. The Cotswold Savoyards present a show that ranges through every emotion - from tragedy to comedy, from romance to heartbreak - all within the traditional setting of the Tower of London. The fabulous double choruses, the commanding Yeomen in their scarlet uniforms, the jibing and jesting of the travelling players and a story of dark dealings and intrigue make for a gloriously entertaining evening for all.


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