The Beggar's Opera

By John Gay
Adaptation and libretto by John Caird and Ilona Sekacz
By kind permission of Ilona Sekacz and John Caird

26th Nov to 1st Dec 2007

Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director - Simon Young
Musical Director - Peter Meason
Choreographer and Assistant Director- Antonia Coles


The Player - Philip Wenham
Tom, Filch, Jemmy Twitcher, Drawer - Mike Welsh
Peachum - Brian Crosby
Mrs Peachum - Margo Thompson
Polly Peachum - Caroline Price
Crook-fingered Jack - Michael Power
Wat Dreary - Richard Schofield
Harry Paddington - Ken Shaw
Slippery Sam, Mrs Coaxer - Dai Barker
Matt of the Mint, Betty Doxy - Lionel Bassett
Ben Budge - David Roberts
Tom Tipple - Rod Davis
Bob Booty - Malcolm Webb
Nimming Ned - Kevin Passey
Captain Macheath - Jonathan Dyer
Diana Trapes - Edna Welthorpe
Mrs Vixen - Marilyn Webb
Jenny Diver - Shelly Cooke
Suky Tawdry - Catherine Gamblin
Molly Brazen, Black Moll - Jill Barnes
Lockit - Douglas Brinklow
Lucy Lockit - Joanne Manuel
Mrs Slammekin - Pat Schofield
Dolly Trull - Sheryl Walpole
Child - Lucy Wordsworth


The Beggar's Opera is a savagely funny musical satire on marriage, money and morals - as relevant and biting today as it was when first written. In this amateur premiere of a new version by John Caird and Ilona Secacz, first performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1992, the old story is given new life as all our favorite characters return, in a play within a play, where beggars and thieves create a world of love, lust, deceit and greed.


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