By W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

12th to 16th June 2007

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director - Simon Lewis
Musical Director - David Hart


The Lord Chancellor - Douglas Brinklow
Earl Of Mountararat - Anthony Jones
Earl Tolloller - Michael Ferris
Private Willis - Brian Crosby
Strephon - Michael Pandazis
Queen of the Fairies - Victoria Long
Iolanthe - Sarah Roberts
Phyllis - Beverley Whitaker
Celia - Julia Kearsey
Leila - Sheila Hayler
Fleta - Carla Spencer
Senior High Priestess – Deirdre Kincaid
High Priestesses – Rosemarie Evans,
            Pat Schofield



Megan Davies-Brown
Rosemarie Evans
Catherine Gamblin
Penny Lewis
Sarah Lowe
Sheila Wills
Sarah Eliot
Sheila Hayler
Deirdre Kincaid
Pat Schofield
Jo Scriven


Ralph Barnes
Dai Barker
John Larmour
Simon Lewis
Michael Power
Richard Schofield
Ken Shaw
Rod Davies
David Fisher
Duncan Hooper
Arthur Kincaid
David Roberts
Fred Symes
Philip Wenham


Twenty years after she was banished for daring to marry a mortal, Iolanthe returns to the fairy fold on the day of the summer solstice. Trouble is, she now has a son Strephon whose heart is set on marrying Phyllis, an Arcadian shepherdess. When the Lord Chancellor vetoes their union, the Queen of the Fairies retaliates by sending Strephon, via a safe seat and an awful lot of spin, into Parliament where he plays havoc with its sacred institutions and privileges. The Law will not surrender meekly, but love is determined to conquer all. A cunning plan is required...

Acknowledged as one of the greatest Savoy operas, Gilbert's satire on British politics remains as fresh and witty as when it was written, and is masterfully brought to life by Sullivan's magnificent score.


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