Orpheus in the Underworld

Music by Jacques Offenbach

Comic operetta in three acts from the original by Hector Cremieux and Ludovic Halevy

New book and lyrics by Phil Park
Music adapted and arranged by Ronald Hanmer

This amateur production was presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

21st to 26th November 2005

Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham


Stage Director - Mavis Boulton
Musical Director - David Hart


Orpheus - Dan Bacon
Calliope - Rosalind Loveluck
Eurydice - Kate Bennett
Jupiter - Allan Gillespie
Styx - Richard Schofield
Mercury - Mike Welsh
Mars - Rod Davis
Pluto - Paul Scott
Cupid - Helen Alderton
Diana - Karen Gillespie
Venus - Liz Organ
Icarus - David Johnson
Juno - Deirdre Kincaid
Vulcan - Lionel Bassett
Bacchus - Paul Murphy



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