The Pirates of Penzance - Broadway Version

16th - 20th May 2017

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

By Gilbert & Sullivan
Musical adaptation by William Elliott

Stage Director:
Diana Dodd

Musical Director:
     David Manifold


The story of "The Pirates of Penzance" follows a familiar Gilbert and Sullivan narrative of thwarted love, disguised identities combined with a gentle mocking of Victorian class and status.

Frederick, the romantic hero, is due to be freed from his bond to the ineffectual pirates when he falls in love with Mabel, one of the many "daughters" of the Major General. Unfortunately, Frederick is also loved by Ruth, an older character role. A band of less than courageous policemen are sent to apprehend the pirates who have captured all of the daughters and plan to do their worst and marry them! All ends happily when it is revealed that the pirates are indeed peers of the realm. "Joyous glee" follows with all characters suitably paired off.


Cast List

Frederick - Samuel Taunton
Pirate King - Simon Lewis
Major-General Stanley - Neal Carter-Lewis
Samuel - Tom Mullins>
Sergeant - Malcolm Webb
Ruth - Sheila Ham
Mabel - Becks Grant-Jones
Edith - Lisa Crowhurst
Kate - Caroline Kendal
Isabel - Gerri Walters


Tessa Champion
Lotte Daws
Jeanie Flint
Fiona Hale
Helen Hooper
Penny Lewis
Laura Long
Molly Masters
Maggie Preston
Rachel Prudden
Jo Scriven
Macie Timms

Alan Flint
Duncan Hooper
Jordan Phillpots
Richard Schofield
Philip Wenham
Peter Young


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